Gears of War figures

NECA is definitely getting their hands dirty. Big into creating action figures for a ton of different licenses, the latest license NECA secured is Epic's Gears of War. On display at the NY Comic Con 2008 were some of the highlights, with my favorite being the above Locust with his head exploding (ah, gratuitous violence). So they're not getting their hands dirty from exploding heads, rather, building said exploding heads. A few more shots are below, so enjoy. And keep your eyes on your local comic store for the figures. And if you're wondering, yes there was a panel on Gears of War 2, and no, there were no major spoilers. Some highlights:
  • All aspects of the game are being retooled (cover being revamped)
  • There are chainsaw duels
  • There will be movable cover in the form of rockworms
  • This is part 2 of a trilogy
  • Multiplayer will be slightly more robust and balanced
  • The Queen has a British accent because it makes her sound "smart"
  • Gears of War the comic will be published by Wildstorm
  • Gears of War the movie is well on its way, and is the legal/find-a-studio stage
Apparently we'll be getting a smorasbord of information in May regarding the sequel, so hold out for a couple more weeks,