The Incredible Hulk already panned?

Its really hard to say what The Incredible Hulk will be like. I think I was one of the few that actually liked Ang Lee's first movie from 2003, as Bruce Banner/Hulk is one of those characters that require that somewhat introspective touch. This summer's franchise reboot is clearly trying to make people forget about Eric Bana and Ang Lee, but it may be easier said than done. The NY Times has a great piece on the film, and just the reaction and expected performance. The piece looks at the brief history of the film, a recap of the Norton/Universal squabble (Norton has production rights built into his contracts) and some fan reaction to the trailer that recently debuted. Its probably not the most assuring when Stan Lee is underenthused about it: “My prediction is that it will be more popular than the last one,” he said. His Iron Man prediction? “Enormous hit,” he said. Its a good read, and I'm excited for the film, but I'm pretty much excited for anything comic related to hit the theater, and I'll see it opening night anyway. So there. The Incredible Hulk in NY Times