The Incredible Hulk spoiler

Just got through with the panel for The Incredible Hulk at NY Comic Con, and there's some confirmation to some rumors rambling around these here internets. At the end of the panel we saw the first full-length trailer for The Incredible Hulk, and once all the madness from the trailer was over, there was one more scene. The scene involved a dejected general in a bar. And then a dapper man walks in, with the following exchange: Dapper Man: I hear you have a unique problem. General: You should talk. Dapper Man: You should listen. Yes kids, the dapper man is Tony Stark, Jr. In the Hulk movie. Holy crap. The full trailer for The Incredible Hulk is set to debut before Iron Man on May 2. The Incredible Hulk movie is due in theaters June 13. And next there's a rumor that Warner Brothers has a surprise for attendees. But wait, Warner Brothers isn't on the programming schedule? Yeah, I'm thinking new trailer for The Dark Knight too. Stay tuned.