Justice League Confusion

I'm taking a stand right now. From here on out, any news I write regarding the supposed Justice League Mortal movie that may or may not be happening I will refer to it as Justice League Confusion. That being said, it looks like the movie is being delayed until the end of the year. Richard Norton is not really a name that I'm sure most people could identify off the top of their head. Turns out though that he's a pretty big player in Hollywood. He's a fight coordinator. And he knows Chuck Norris. Anyways, on his blog he mentioned that he's currently in a holding patter in LA, as he's there for work on Justice League Confusion. "So here I am still in Los Angeles due to the movie, "Justice League", being shelved until maybe the end of the year. I guess there were funding problems for the present. Oh well, that"s the nature of the business I am in." So of course we're not sure if he really knows that the film is delayed till the end of the year, or if he's just guessing, or what. With the constant lack of continuity and fact regarding this movie, its anyone's guess at this point. Justice League Confusion delayed (again) according to Richard Norton