More Justice League Mortal problems

I need to start calling this movie by its "rightful" name, and that is Justice League Mortal. But perhaps a better name for the film would be "star-crossed" as it seems absolutely nothing is going right. The latest snafu? Australia's film tax change. Variety reports that George Miller is nothing short of pissed in dealing with the Australian government regarding tax breaks for filming there. The debate rages over a recently passed bill that is trying to decide whether film tax breaks should fund all films made by Australian filmmakers in Australia, or only those that tell genuine Australian stories that originated in Australia. Miller wants a decision. "We don't know officially that we've been knocked back, but it's not looking good. It's taken too long to make a decision, and the film's going overseas now, which is incredibly wasteful for the Australian film industry." Is this movie ever going to get off the ground? Justice League Mortal problem