More on Dead Space movie

The Cut Scene from Variety has more details regarding the upcoming Dead Space animated film. The article is great because it says that Starz actually reached out to EA with thoughts of turning the property into a movie. The story has been described as Aliens meets Doom (I thought they were one and the same anyway, but what do I know). "We found a bunch of writers who they met and interviewed. Together we picked Jimmy Palmiotti, who writes comic books. As we started doing our story, the development of the game was always evolving. That’s cool for us. As they're producing sound effects we're using stuff they have. We have their world and their designs. That's a huge jump start to take their assets. We had a meeting two weeks ago with their producer and our director going over some scripts storyboards." There's going to be continuity between the game and film, such as same voice actors and what not. There's presumably also going to be continuity in the story, and the possibility that the game and movie could be released as a combo package. Stay tuned for details. Dead Space movie news