NY Comic Con 2008 - Friday morning

I'm going to try and liveblog as best as possible so keep hitting refresh, or F5. And by liveblog I mean recap. Tedd and I got here this morning and walked into the empty Javtis Center. We weren't here for the Big Apple Career Fair, so we proceeded to walk to the press registration area. When giving my name, one the ladies checking names recognized me. "You're Jonathan Pilley?" "Yes, yes I am. "I'm Kelly. Nice to meet you." Turns out Kelly is the awesome chick who was so patient with getting Tedd and myself registered for the convention (it seems that my constant emailing got us on a recognition basis). So Kelly, this shout out's for you. Anyways we got our press passes and proceeded to hold them up as we got by bouncers a la Wayne's World (not really, but that would have been cool). Tedd paid $3.50 for a bottle of water, and I paid $7.00 for a glazed croissant and OJ from Starbucks (can't say I was a fan of the croissant). And now I just heard some guy use "cadre" on the phone. Good times.