NY Comic Con - Friday

So its lunch time, and we've made quite a few laps. Pretty much all the vendors are just getting things set up, and the maddening crowds aren't here quite yet, but they'll be pouring in in a few hours. Marvel has a huge Hulk statue, which is just insane. We came across some fellas from Quietus Films who created a graphic novel using their film expertise (Angus and Jesse are great guys). I'm going to try and get back later on to the Dark Horse booth for the Hellboy II: The Golden Army panel, but tickets may be scarce (at the very least I'm hoping for Mike Mignola to sign a comic or two). I had a brief chat with Arthur Suydam, who I have to say is kind of a jerk, but I guess that's what you can get to when you're famous (maybe it was just a bad day). Tedd and I also came across Jesse Farrell, a sculptor of epic proportions (but a slave to caffeine), and Carissa Halston, creator of a collection of short stories compiled in a neat little package. We should be doing an interview with both Jesse and Carissa, so keep your eyes open for that. I just enjoyed my $4.50 hot dogs. At least these weren't glazed.


  1. Hi John!

    Just wanted to say hello and that it was awesome hanging out with you and Tedd last weekend. Hope to see you both again soon. :)



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