P-brane: The Green Man

One of the other more unique aspects of the NY Comic Con was brought my attention by a green screen. Why the green screen? It turns out that Jesse Heffring of Quietus Films had this idea to take a bunch of photos, run them through Photoshop and convert them to a comic book (Jesse and partner Angus were filming a final scene for the comic). Basically the scene involved the aftermath of an explosion. Some pics of the process can be found below, and you can also check out the Quietus Films website for more information. P-brane: The Green Man is due out sometime in May. Said comic book tells the tale of Casey Blade, an amnesiac assassin (its proven that 1 out of 5 assassins have amnesia and don't know why they're so good...its science) who awakes in a NY alley and goes on a vigilante killing spree. P-brane World