Pandemic working on The Dark Knight videogame?

Its somewhat surprising that with the smashing success of Batman Begins, there was no videogame tie-in. Perhaps Warner Brothers and games publishers realized that the movie tie-in videogame rarely works well. But maybe Pandemic Studios didn't get that memo. Kotaku reports that Pandemic is in fact working on a Batman game, most likely tied to The Dark Knight. This is far from confirmed, and there's not even a system announced for the game, but Kotaku has pretty strong convictions about it. They even have a screen shot from an IGN page that has since been taken down, alluding to a Batman game in development. This wouldn't be too surprising, since Pandemic is owned by EA, one of the goliaths of the videogame industry. In the mean time, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Pandemic working on Batman game?