Stan Lee Living Legend Award

Last night was quite the night. I don't know if was the Spidertinis, authentic Long Island beer or pigs in a blanket handed out by twentysomethings in Spidey t-shirts, but it was something. Maybe it was the fact that Stan Lee showed up and said Excelsior. It could have been any one of those things. The event (like so many other good things), was over way too quickly. Lance Festerman, the genius behind the NYCC took the podium first, introducing the event. He was followed by Peter David, who had nothing but glowing words for Stan the Man (apparently a recommendation from Stan Lee carries weight in child custody cases...who knew?). Sharad Devarajan (CEO of Virgin) spoke a bit, and was looking quite dapper. Finally, Joe Quesada took the stage, and proceeded to go through some of Stan's failed attempts (you can't always make Spider-man), such as the Porcupine and Kangaroo. And then, of course, there was Stan Lee. Quite jovial in speaking, and had the crowd eating out of his hand really. After that, he was whisked away, no doubt showing up somewhere else for his next appearance. All in all though, quite the night. Below are the few shots I could grab with my cameraphone (yes, I went to a Stan Lee event and freaking forgot my digital camera).