Transformers 2 wants the Air Force

IESB has details from Paramount who are looking for a few good men and women in the Air Force for roles in the upcoming Transformers 2. No fellas, you probably won't get very close to Megan Fox, but still you can say you were in a freaking Transformers movie. There are going to be two teams, a Shanghai Team and a Forrest Team. The Shanghai Team will be needed June 2-4 and July 22-25 while the Forrest Team will be needed June 16-17, June 23, August 22 and September 15-16. Volunteers must take leave and fill out an off-duty employment form and provide two photos (head and shoulders), one front and one side. Airmen who live outside of LA will have to pay their own way to get out there, however lodging, meals and transportation will be provided by the production company once the volunteers are there. If you're interested, e-mail contact information, photos and team preference to: and For more information, call Senior Master Sgt Vincent Aragona at (310) 235-7532. Contact information for Transformers 2 Air Force roles