Adam Brody talks about Justice League Confusion

So Justice League Confusion has been put on the back burner, with no knowledge as to whether it will ever become a reality or not. That won't stop Adam Brody, who was poised to play the Flash, from talking to IGN about his role and the movie in general. "I would be really remiss to talk about any of this except for the same reason – nobody said I couldn't," he admitted. "We went to Australia and did like a mini sort of workshop – superhero boot camp, which was superfun and really surreal because you're sitting at a roundtable like this and someone's like, 'Well, Batman wouldn't say that!' And someone's like, 'Yeah, but the thing about Superman is…' "It was so funny because George Miller, he has such respect for actors, probably more than I do, and so it was really fun," Brody continued. "You've got this like $200 million action picture, but then you've got this true artist so you're dealing with this like superhero theater camp. Really, really interesting – I had a blast." Adam Brody talks the Flash