Batman Bat Cuffs

There have been a lot of recent sales involving Batman merchandise. The red Batphone or the Batmobile from Tim Burton's Batman. And I'm waiting for the onslaught to begin of merchandise related to The Dark Knight, but in the meantime there's something on tap that is more versatile (I think that's a good word for it). Entertainment Earth is advertising JLA Trophy Room Batman Bat Cuffs for sale, expected January 2009. Yes kids, for $136.99 you too can capture villains the Batman way! The cuffs are the same size as regulation police handcuffs and can be unlocked with a Bat Key (included). So if you're dying to get some Bat Cuffs for crime fighting (or for enjoying a night with Catwoman if you're a guy), then head on over to Entertainment Earth and place your order. Batman Bat Cuffs