Cap's Shield on Iron Man's table

Alright fanboys, start your engines. First Showing has visual proof that Captain America's shield may be in Iron Man. According to First Showing, about 1 hour 30 minutes into the movie when Pepper comes downstairs to ask Tony what he's doing (note that this happens quite a bit in the movie, so make sure you're at 1:30 mark when she does it this time) you can see the shield in the background. Its on the table behind Tony as he's in the armor, and its pretty noticeable. Now, the intrepid folk over at First Showing mention that Tony Stark does make the first Captain America shield. This would make sense with how the movie ended, and the recent news that there are an Avengers and Captain America films in the works. I will say that Marvel is definitely playing their cards right in setting all this up, because its going to be epic when it pays off. Cap's Shield on Iron Man's table