Fantastic Four - "Hard Knocks"

Marvel has to remember that for all the Secret Invasions and Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverines (that really needs to be concluded dammit), they need to remember the kids. And what better way to show love for the kids then by creating quality cartoons to be viewed on Saturday mornings with a bowl of cereal (until 12 PM hit and you knew Saturday morning was over...that was always sad for me). And not to get all nostalgic on you, but the X-Men cartoon was one of my favorites, as well as Spider-man (even though Peter Parker was a little too introspective for me and half the dialogue was him talking to himself). One of the newer cartoons just happens to be Fantastic Four, and honestly I had no idea it was even on (yeah I know I run a blog on comics but come on, I bet you didn't know either). But Marvel has set it up so you can watch the entire first episode online for free if you'd like. I think that's really cool, and am glad the internets are being put to good use. Click the link to head straight to the episode, titled "Hard Knocks." Hard Knocks