Get your own ArC Reactor (like Tony Stark)

So you may not be part of a team of MIT scientists, and you're probably not named Tony Stark (if you are, that's an insane coincidence but-and no offense-you're probably not the genius that the comic book Stark is). And if you were thrust into a cave with a car battery running your heart you probably wouldn't be able to make a miniature nuclear reactor to replace the battery. But that's ok! Entertainment Earth (the same purveyor of Bat Cuffs) will be selling an Iron Man statue, with the base being an ArC Reactor. Spiffy! Standing tall at 13 inches, the Adi Granov inspired Mark III that was featured in Iron Man is beautifully (and painstakingly) recreated by those crazy sculptors at Kotubukiya. The estimated availability is September 2008 and it will cost you $179.99. Just remember that you're not getting a functional Arc Reactor, but with the right imagination you could use it to power a suit and fly. Iron Man Statue