Lex moving from Smallville to Metropolis

A show is only as good as the characters in it. So if a good character leaves the show, the chances of the quality of the show going down are pretty good. This isn't to say the show will absolutely fail without the character, but it definitely will have an impact on the quality. And the latest in what looks to be an exodus from Smallville is Michael Rosenbaum, or Lex Luthor. Below is an open letter to the fans regarding his departure. Dear Smallville Fans, Well, it's been seven wonderful years. Your support is what has made Smallville so successful, and I appreciate you all more than you know. That being said, it is time for me to start the next chapter of my life and career. I hope that I gave you some enjoyment over the years, and that you found my portrayal of Lex Luthor to be satisfying. I am truly grateful, as Smallville fans are the best fans out there. I sincerely hope that you will continue to follow my career through my hair growth period and beyond. I'm very excited about what the future holds, but certainly, Smallville will always be a part of me. I will definitely miss the greatest crew in the world, and the wonderful cast that has been like a family to me. Thank you Al and Miles for creating the show. Thank you writers, producers, directors and editors. Thanks Tollin, Robbins and Davola for being there for the pilot. Thank you Peter Roth for employing me for ten years. Lisa Lewis, I miss you already. John Glover, thanks for helping me feel more comfortable touching other actors, while acting. Bizarre, but helpful. Mostly, I want to thank Greg Beeman for directing the "Oh Sherry" video, by Steve Perry, back in the 80's. Thanks crew. Thanks fans. Thanks Smallville. I love you all, Michael Rosenbaum