No R-rated films for Marvel

Marvel has always had the heroes that were more on the good side of things. Very few are cutthroat and violent, so there's not really the need for them to make the ultraviolent, R-rated movies. But what about characters such as Blade and Punisher? According to Marvel executive Peter Cuneo in an interview with IESB, there will be no R-rated films from Marvel Studios. This makes sense from a financial standpoint, as PG-13 probably gets the biggest audience you could get with any film. But movies like Blade and Punisher suffer because the films are rated PG-13 that they lose some of that appeal. Those characters are somewhat peripheral characters to begin with, so even going the PG-13 route probably isn't going to bring in massive crowds. Cuneo did indicate that should a movie be done by another studio (not Marvel's film studio), then the rating rule would not necessarily apply. No R-rated flicks for Marvel