Preview: Ultimate Origins #1

I think Marvel might be the first to admit that the Ultimate Marvel Universe has sort of fallen off the map (maybe that's why we never got past issue 2 of Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine...I'm not bitter). Civil War, Secret Invasion and Avengers/Invaders are all in the spotlight as of late, so where's the Ultimate love? Brian Michael Bendis knows, as what seems to be the hardest working writer in comics right now is writing an Ultimate origins story, conveniently titled Ultimate Origins #1. Ultimate Origins #1 does just what its name says it does, and gives readers clues to the conspiracies rife within the Ultimate Universe. Conspiracies such as the secrets and connections between the Super Soldier and Weapon X programs. Bendis writes, Jackson Guice does pencils and everyone wins! Ultimate Origins #1 hits stores June 4 for $2.99, and is a lead in for the upcoming Ultimatum storyline. Preview: Ultimate Origins #1