R2-D2 wedding cake

We all remember the spiffier than spiffy R2-D2 projector that costs $2,800 and would make a welcome addition to anyone's living room. But for those of us that can't quite afford such an elaborate projector, there's a slightly cheaper (I would hope) means of getting your R2 fix, and that's a cake. Gizmodo has video and some pictures of a wedding from Alabama that featured said cake. Apparently two Star Wars fans figured that it would be great to eat R2 as a wedding cake, thus forever mingling the memories of Star Wars and anniversary together. And not in the "give George Lucas another reason to release another version of Star Wars" anniversary kind of way. No, this is a happier, more carefree anniversary as in the couple's wedding anniversary. Below is the link to the original Gizmodo article, and below that is the Youtube video clip. R2-D2 cake