Red Hulk exclusive to Xbox 360

Personally, I prefer my Hulk green. Classic, tried and true. Some prefer the Grey Hulk, as he was actually the original color of the Hulk (Stan Lee didn't want to offend any ethnicities so he went with grey). Then Jeph Loeb brought along the Red Hulk, probably the angriest of the Hulk color palette. And if Red is your favorite, and you plan on checking out The Incredible Hulk game releasing the same day as the movie, then you better have an Xbox 360. Marvel has announced the the Xbox 360 version of the game will be the only one to feature Red Hulk. And the specifics don't stop there. The version is GameStop exclusive, meaning you have to pay the bloodthirsty and thieving pirates at GameStop if you want the red incarnation of anger in the game. No word on whether or not the Red Hulk will be available from the start, unlockable or coming in the form of downloadable content at some point. Red Hulk exclusive to Xbox 360