Runaways hitting the big screen

Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona have garnered numerous amounts of praise for their incredible series Runaways, a story about a group of teenagers who vow to fight their supervillain parents, in addition to fighting acne, lack of income and traditional teenage angst. They are no longer on the series, but were still instrumental in setting its tone and getting it to where its at now. Joss Whedon took a turn at it as well, but has since moved on, leaving the next in line to write it being Terry Moore. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios is using their newfound clout to turn the series into a movie. There is no timetable for production, nor any casting news, but I'm sure that will all come to light in due time. I think that Marvel is kind of reveling in their other movie successes and this is on the pretty distant back burner. Runaways hitting the big screen