Spider-man films go the Lord of the Rings route

Is Tobey Maguire coming back? Does Kirsten Dunst want anything to do with Mary Jane anymore? Will Sam Raimi (and Bruce Campbell) show up in the fourth movie? Those are questions that Sony still has to answer, but there is one question they have answered (seemingly), and that's a script for Spider-man 4. And Spider-man 5! Cinematical is reporting (unconfirmed) that James Vanderbilt has turned in a script for Spider-man 4. The special thing about this script is that it spans over two movies into Spider-man 5, which means that the two films could be shot simultaneously. While this sounds awesome in its own right, it basically means we're teased by Sony in that if it happens, we'll know the fifth one is done, but still have to wait at least a year after the fourth film. So we may not have any of the big three, and I don't really know which villain they would go to next, but at least we know a script is in the process. Let's all hope that Vanderbilt knows his Spider-man, and decides to make the next two movies part of the Maximum Carnage storyline, giving Venom more screen time than he got in Spider-man 3. Spider-man 4 and Spider-man 5 to be shot at the same time?