30 Game Inspired Comics

Pop culture is full of merchandising. Nowadays, its mostly evident in the case of movies, as the studios feel the need to market the hell out of any successful movie (and then of course make what was supposed to be one movie a trilogy...but I digress). Often one of those merchandising opportunities is the game of the movie, which rarely works out well. So usually when games are involved in merchandising things don't work well, but did you know there are quite a few comics inspired by some great games? You didn't? Well then, let me enlighten you. MTV Multiplayer has a list of 30 games that inspired comics. Some of them you probably know about, such as Tomb Raider, Dead Space (of course) and Halo. But did you know that there was a comic called The Atari Force? And Mega Man? Were all of them good? Who knows. But what I do know is that if you like the game there's a chance you'll like the game-inspired comics that were created by them. So check out the list, and get the best of both worlds in combining comics and video games. 30 Game Inspired Comics