Angelina Jolie doesn't know about Sin City 2...still hot

Sin City was a stirring success, both commercially and fanwise. So it was inevitable that there would be a sequel in the works. A while back, news got out that Angelina Jolie could be in said sequel, meaning Frank Miller fanboys (and people that think Jolie is hot in general) had another reason to be excited for the sequel. But does she know what's going on with the film? According to MTV Films, not really. When asked about her role in the sequel, Jolie bluntly replied that she didn't know. “I found the first Sin City impressive, but I don’t know what they’re going to do with the next one to make [it] as original as the first one,” Jolie said. She loves Frank Miller, so it wouldn't be that she's worried about the film. It seems her biggest worry is creativity. A while back Rosario Dawson indicated that filming was being adjusted to account for Jolie's pregnancy, so maybe we'll see Jolie as Ava Lord after all. Jolie in Sin City 2