Become Tony Stark (the heart problem at least)

I think its safe to say that none of us will ever be Tony Stark. Let alone the fact that he's Iron Man, you have to get to that billionaire playboy status that really only Bruce Wayne is at (I wonder who's richer actually). And once you do get to that point, you have to be so freaking smart and despised at the same time that you're absconded to the mountains of Afghanistan to build a weapon for terrorists. Not exactly my idea of a good weekend. If you want to be Iron Man without "being" Iron Man though, all it takes is some paper mache, a 9-volt battery and some LEDs. Gizmodo has the tale on of such character who pulled together his own ark reactor. Its a simple combining of LEDs, plywood, a 9-volt battery, 22 AWG gauge copper wire, resistors and polymorph substance that can be molded into anything you'd like. Most likely, it won't keep the metal pieces from penetrating your heart (unless they're imaginary in which case you're fine). But you can still pretend to be Iron Man if that's your heart's desire. Iron Man ark reactor