Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight

Wired is a great website for everything techie. I try to visit it on a regular basis, as many times there are really great articles up there. A recent article talks about Christopher Nolan's approach to filming The Dark Knight, and its an awesome read. Nolan is one of the first directors to use IMAX for a feature-film, and insists on making his films as real as possible, which means less special effects and more special people. The relatively minimalistic approach to filmmaking is seemingly novel in this day and age of ILM, but Nolan insists on it for movie purity. "Anything you notice as technology reminds you that you're in a movie theater," Nolan explains. "Even if you're trying to portray something fantastical and otherworldly, it's always about trying to achieve invisible manipulation." Especially, he adds, with Batman, "the most real of all the superheroes, who has no superpowers." The article is really a great read, and I would definitely check it out. And just remember, we're three weeks away from the release of The Dark Knight, hitting theaters and IMAX July 18. Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight