Details on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

I was a big fan of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. It tons of great playable characters that had dialogue that matched their personalities perfectly. The gameplay was solid, and the story wasn't half bad. So you know that Activision and Marvel would do a sequel, since it'd be stupid not to. And apparently someone inside the marketing firm behind promoting Activision let leak details on said sequel, and man does it seem awesome. Kotaku reports that the story of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 will be set during the Civil War. AWESOME. There will be over 20 playable characters, and there's no word yet as to whether the characters will play out on their sides in the comic or if you pick someone and actually get to choose a side. Presumably, the final boss will be Iron Man or Captain America depending on what side you chose, and being able to go down both paths could give the game some great replay value. And if a Civil War storyline wasn't enough, players will be able to "fuse" characters together to make all those "what ifs" come true, and perhaps add a new dimension to the game. I should probably remind you that these details are nowhere near official, as there's the possibility that the release isn't true. But if the sequel does follow the Civil War storyline, I CANNOT stress how sweet this game will be. Comic fans will finally get the chance to hit Iron Man for being such an asshole. Details on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2