Hancock getting the comic treatment

Hancock looks like its going to be funny. And its Will Smith, so you can't really go wrong with that. And he is a superhero, although his character isn't based on a previously established comic book character. But why should that stop him from getting his own comic book covers? Four comic artists have gotten together to create some special edition Hancock comic book covers that Sony will give away to fans on the official Hancock website. Who are the artists you ask? Neal Adams, Jock, Bill Sienkiewicz and Frank Quitely. IGN has the five special covers (and so humbly admits that they used their clout as IGN to convince Sony to allow them exclusively preview them on IGN) at the below link. The above image is the Neal Adams version, and I ran with that one because Mr. Adams was gracious enough to allow myself and Tedd to interview him at NY Comic Con (not that the other three refused us or anything). Each artist contributed one cover with the exception of Jock, who contributed two covers. IGN previews special Hancock covers