The Incredible Hulk is, well...incredible

The box office numbers are in, and I'm sure you're wondering how The Incredible Hulk did this past weekend in its opening. According to the Associated Press, The Incredible Hulk opened with $54.5 million domestically ($31 million worldwide) for a total of $85.5 million, one of the best openings in June. Now, let's put this in perspective. The Hulk (Ang Lee's version) grossed $62.1 million on its way to $132.2 million overall, so this version did slightly lower on the revenue scale. This is most likely because Lee's version was the first big-screen adaptation of Hulk and it had that "shiny and new" feeling to it. This time around, people were a little hesitant to see it because they kept thinking about the first one (despite this not being a sequel). And I'm guessing the positive word-of-mouth with the film has also helped it, as it was actually a solid flick. And let's not forget Marvel, as they're firing on all cylinders. Between this and Iron Man (which grossed $104 million on its opening weekend), Marvel has got to be happy. Their comics are really hitting mainstream, and people are watching them (beyond the nerds and geeks like me) and are enjoying them. Another thing they're doing is uniting the Marvel Universe, and making it all one thing. The countless references in both The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man are giving the films a continuity, and are also a treat to comic book fans. The Incredible Hulk opens to good numbers