The Incredible Hulk redux

I had the chance to see The Incredible Hulk again over the weekend and it got me thinking. What are those Easter eggs that Louis Leterrier refers to that causes such a ruckus on the internets? I did pick up a few more, so I figured it be good to post them in a nice recap summary. I think it goes without saying but some of these include spoilers, so I'd recommend only reading on if you've seen the movie. Easter Egg One: Leader will be the villain in the sequel Fact: When Emil Blonsky goes into see Dr. Samuel Sterns, we see what happens when Bruce Banner's blood mixes with the enhanced Blonsky blood: Abomination is created. When the same Banner blood falls into the cut on Sterns head, we see his head pulsate a bit and enlarge, all the while he has a massive smile on his face. According to Wikipedia, in the comics Stern was created as a result of massive gamma radiation, akin to that which created the Hulk. This exposure had a similar effect in turning Sterns green, however instead of super-strength he got super-intelligence. He also used a self-constructed super army, which could come as a result of the many cloned samples Sterns had in his lab when Banner saw when he got there to be cured. Easter Egg Two: Blonsky was given a blue serum (most likely the Super Soldier Serum) to give him the superhuman strength, speed and reflexes. Fact: The Super Soldier Serum was blue, but that's a little too easy. Fair enough. But how about the fact that the serum was on ice (see next Easter egg)? And did you catch the name on the freezer General Ross pulled it from? You guessed it: Dr. Reinstein. Most likely the same Dr. Josef Reinstein that developed the Super Soldier Serum for Operation: Rebirth, which gave Steve Rogers the chance to enlist and eventually become Captain America. Easter Egg Three: Captain America was "in"the movie, but not in the capacity you're thinking Fact: Tony Stark. That fine suit wearing techhead that makes an obsession with gadgets cool shows up and approaches General Ross with a proposition to deal with the Hulk. The Super Soldier project is referenced, to which Stark replies "Stark put that project on ice long ago." Taken at face value, it really just means that they stopped the project. But, when you factor in some comic book knowledge, there's more to that statement than meets the eye. Captain America had fallen from a drone plane into the North Atlantic. Last I checked, the North Atlantic is pretty damned cold, and it would be convenient if "fallen" was purposeful on the part of Stark Industries to cover up the proejct. If I had to put money on it, I'd bet that either the upcoming Captain America film or Avengers film (most likely Captain America) will open with Tony Stark heading a project to extract him from the ice. Easter Egg Four: Hulk will be the villain in the Avengers film Fact: Hulk was part of the original Avengers (along with Iron Man, Ant-Man, Thor and Wasp). Hulk was rather quickly replaced in The Avengers #4 guessed it: Captain America. Hulk left because he felt that his power and instability worried the team, and it has been a recurring theme in the Avengers comics to contain the Hulk. Afterall, some Avengers (as the Illuminati) made the decision to launch Hulk into space kicking off the Planet Hulk storyline. Most likely the Avengers movie will focus on the Hulk proving to be a threat, and Captain America saving the day by joining the Avengers in his place. So there you go. Four Easter Eggs that may or may not be what I think. But Marvel is getting very keen on making their movies self-contained, so it wouldn't surprise me if all this stuff really were setting up sequels and what not. If there are any Easter Eggs you think I'm missing, feel free to let me know in the comments section.