Ladies of The Spirit

We're slowly getting into full promotional mode for Will Eisner's The Spirit. Four promo posters have been released featuring the requisite femme fatales with that Frank Miller twist on them, and boy do they look hot. Above is the lovely Scarlett Johansson as Silken Floss, accomplice to the Ocotopus. Below are Jaime King as Lorelai Rox, Sarah Paulson as Dr. Ellen Dolan (police commissioner's daughter) and of course, Eva Mendes as Sand Saref, the master of espionage. Frank Miller has a certain style within his films, so I don't doubt that The Spirit will be good. The bigger thing I'm worried about is whether or not if will be enough of a commercial success to be deemed a "success." Will Eisner created The Spirit before really any of the major (and traditional) superheroes began to take hold of popular culture, so a lot of people may not be as familiar with the character. I think its a great character and story, and hopefully enough people will spread good words about the film to get people seeing it. The Spirit hits theaters December 25, 2008.