Preview: Aspen Showcase: Aspen #1

Aspen is another one of those comic studios that you might not have heard of unless you happen to live in Atlantis (or are just really up on comics). Their flagship character is Aspen Matthews who is one of the Blue, a race of underwater people hiding in humanity. And of course Aspen has trouble remembering anything about her past, so the story is about her attempting to live a normal human life without being able to remember anything and not being human. Good times. Aspen Showcase: Aspen #1 is a special one-shot featuring the art of Talent Caldwell and writing styles of C. B. Cebulski that navigates readers through Aspen's high school reunion and the discovery of some lost memories. And some of those memories just so happen to be special. Awwww! You can pick it up at the Aspen Online Store or most likely in your local comic book haunt for $2.99. Preview: Aspen Showcase: Aspen #1