Rose McGowan playing Red Sonja

So file this one away in the "didn't see it coming" department. Apparently, Rose McGowan wrote a script for a new Red Sonja movie. And not content with filing it away underneath her bed, she decided to approach her beau Robert Rodriguez with it. And Rodriguez thought it would be a great idea to make it a movie with a 2010 release date, according to USA Today. "I was surprised when Rose brought me a script of Red Sonja that she liked," Rodriguez says from his home base of Austin. "I found it very entertaining. Sonja was strong, smart, cunning — just about everything she'd have to be to survive." And McGowan's take? "I do have a very scrappy-do personality," says McGowan, who will undergo intense training before filming starts in October. "I lean toward physicality. The story has characters trashed by life who fight their way back. That is my theme." The film will be an origin story, focusing on the comics and and the original works for Robert E. Howard. Rose McGowan is new Red Sonja