Spider-man 4 scheduled to hit theaters May 2011?

Spider-man 3 wasn't quite as well received as I'm sure Marvel, Sony or Sam Raimi would have hoped. A lot of people complained that the entire Sandman storyline was really unnecessary, and that it took away from the Venom storyline. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that all parties involved (at least Marvel and Sony) at this point would want the fourth film to be better than the third. According to the LA Times, Marvel and Sony are doing just that. Producer Laura Ziskin tells the times that Spider-man 4 is tentatively scheduled for a May 2011 release date. At this point there is no finalized script, and neither Sam Raimi or Tobey Maguire have officially signed on to do the fourth. So those are some big question marks. Another particularly thorny issue involves licensing for the self-contained look Marvel is now going for. This isn't really related to the release date of Spider-man 4, however it does affect what the movie will include. Both Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk feature references to other heroes in the Marvel Universe, and considering Spider-man lives in NY you would expect some references to S.H.I.E.L.D. or even an appearance by the Fantastic Four. But it boils down to how much leverage Marvel has with the licensing for Spider-man with Sony, and whether or not they can have Sony include some of the other heroes in the Marvel Universe. Spider-man 4 releasing in May 2011?