Stan Winston: April 7, 1946 - June 16, 2008

These posts are never enjoyable to write because of the gravity of the subject, however they pay homage to an individual that had a profound effect on their field. The LA Times reports that today the film industry lost one of the greats in Stan Winston, a special effects genius that made most of our favorite movies that much better. Winston's resume is extensive, and he worked on the following comic related films (in addition to a slew of others):
  • Jurassic Park (Won the Oscar)
  • The Thing
  • Batman Returns
  • Constantine
  • Iron Man
  • Avatar
Winston won a total of four Oscars (and ten nominations) and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before losing his battle with myeloma cancer at the tender young age of 62. The Richmond, VA, born genius is survived by his wife, Karen, son Matt, and daughter Debbie. Omnicomic sends its thoughts and prayers to the family. Stan Winston passes away