Transformers 2 gets a name

Update: That right there is apparently the logo for the movie, courtesy of Michael Bay's website. No word if this is final or not, but it does feature the Decepticon symbol quite prominently. Hasbro has made it official. The sequel to the blockbuster hit Transformers will be called Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Let's discuss. Because it references "fallen," it most likely means that one or more Decepticons will be coming back, and my money's on Starscream becoming a bigger villain in the second (which would be awesome because Starscream is the shit). We could see Megatron be revived to become Galvatron, which would be insane. I'd also bet that the sequel is going to be shot in tandem with a third movie as well, because trilogies are all the rage these days. Just this editor's thoughts. Transformers 2 gets a name