Villain for The Incredible Hulk sequel revealed

Good grief does Louis Leterrier like to stir things up. In a recent fan Q&A session with Leterrier, the question was asked if there were any villains decided on for the sequel. His answer, which is probably not necessarily planned, is somewhat revealing. So who's the villain? The answer (possibly) is after the below video, which is the Q&A. Leader. You may or may not have caught this, but in the part (SPOILER AHEAD) where Dr. Samuel Sterns successfully helps Bruce Banner repress the Hulk, he's of course intrigued. The Emil Blonsky shows up, and wants the same thing done to him, so Sterns does it and gets the requisite shove down. The thing to pay attention to is that when Abomination's blood (presumably mixed with Hulk) falls on him, Stern's head swells a bit and he smiles. Its possible that this is setting the stage for Leader as the villain in the sequel, and perhaps Leterrier uses the storyline where Leader frees Rhino and sends him against the Hulk. Hulk/Rhino would be an AWESOME sequel matchup. Guess we'll have to wait and see.