Wondering about women

Its hard in comics if you're a female superhero and your name isn't Wonder Woman. Sure there are tons of female heroes in comics, but most of them really only look pretty and aren't taken nearly as seriously as their male counterparts. Wizard Universe reports that one University of Pennsylvania sophomore named Devin Nuhfer. His yet to be named documentary will look at how society's views of women impact the perception of them in comics. "In order to discuss how women were portrayed in comics, we need to look at how they were employed and perceived in real life. The two almost go hand in hand," he said. The project is slated to begin filming this summer with a targeted release date of March 2009. LIke any good documentary, funding would be helpful, so if you'd like to contribute head on over to www.myspace.com/womenincomics to contribute what you can (the site may not be up and running just yet, so try copying and pasting if the link doesn't work). Wondering about women