X-Men Origins: Wolverine set photos popping up

This scary digital age is paying dividends, as just about anyone can take a picture, upload it and share it for the world to see, and that's just the case with a thread from Newcastle and Hunter Valley Photographers on Flickr right now, showing set photos from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The photos appear to be World War 2/D-Day inspired, so it looks like we're going back in time slightly. Now I know Wolverine is old, but how old are they really making him? Its possible that this could be a flashback and we see a young Wolvie doing something war related, maybe a soldier before he gets the Weapon X treatment. Could it also be another tie-in? Maybe Captain America anyone? Marvel is getting really cheeky with all these tie-ins between movies, so it wouldn't surprise me if this was another one. X-Men Origins: Wolverine set photos