Aaron Eckhart on Harvey Dent

So its pretty obvious from the trailers (and common sense) that Harvey Dent becomes Two-Face in The Dark Knight. So who better to lend some insight into the character than Aaron Eckhart, the man working to erase the memory of Tommy Lee Jones from our minds as Two-Face. In an interview with Sci-Fi Wire, Eckhart talks about the choice that his character faces when dealing with the Joker. "The Joker really is the engine that is pushing everyone's buttons and pushing the ... action forward," Eckhart said in a group interview last week in Beverly Hills, Calif. "He's asking all the questions, and we, as the other characters, have to answer them." He goes on further to say that Joker's character really pushes the movie in a new direction. "The Joker is asking Batman to betray his cardinal rule: He's asking people to choose between life and death," Eckhart said. "He's ... asking people to examine themselves, and that's why this movie works on so many levels." Eckhart talks Two-Face