at Comic Con

Today begins the madness that is Comic Con. Of course, I sadly will not be attending because I'm at that age where everyone you know is getting married and of course you have to go, but I digress. If you are going, more power to you, and be sure to check out what has in store for you. Below is the full press release announcing their presence at the show. San Diego Comic Con Exclusives Mega Checklist Over 200 One of a Kind Products Launch at SDCC Surrey, UK & Parlin, NJ: is proud to announce the 2008 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives Mega Checklist! Every year, strives to compile the most complete list of SDCC exclusives possible to alert the public to the amazing array of products available only to show attendees. We file the exclusives into an easy to follow format so readers can make a print out take it onto the show floor. 2008 proved to be the most challenging year yet, as over 200 products have been announced across the internet and more appear every day! Products range from the licensed to the artistic to the completely insane. Here are some highlights… * Tofu the Vegan Zombie Vinyl Figure – Applehead Factory Booth 4923 - Created by a scientist looking to cure zombie-ism, Tofu is a friendly, undead vegan. "White" Tofu boasts 5 points of articulation, a fully sculpted produce base, apple crate-like window packaging and a removable tofu block. * Skeleton Jack Cosbaby – Sideshow Toys Booth 1929 – Captain Jack Sparrow is turned by the light of the moon into the cutest undead pirate ever to walk the docks! * Star Wars KUSTOMZ Camo Speeder Bike Variant Statue – Gentle Giant Booth 3513 - This super-deformed, stylized Scout trooper is wearing khaki-green gloves and sporting a Kustomz camouflage speeder bike accented with a classic shark 'Fighter Plane Nose Art' as he proudly waves a yellow flag with the peace symbol. * G.I.Joe Cobra Commander in Black Suit Figure – Hasbro Booth 3329 - The black edition 3 3/4" figure is inspired by the classic comic issue #38 in which a black suited COBRA COMMANDER rants to a crowd of COBRA followers. * Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington as Othello Figure – JUN Planning Booth 402 - The outfit design for the figure is from the video game THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS : OOGIE'S REVENGE. * Battlestar Galactica Frakkin Cylon Toaster – NBC Universal Booth 3919 – Yes..It's really a toaster…and this one burns little Cylon faces into your toast! Limited to 1000 pieces and never to be made again. * Futurama Robot Santa/ Santa Bender Two-Pack – Toynami Booth 3229 – Lock up your doors and bar your's XMAS TIME! Evil Robot Santa & his helper limited to 2000 pieces only at SDCC, essential to your Futurama collection. We could go on for another five pages, but that would cut into quality San Diego Comic Con planning time. See you at the big show! About has been a global collectibles news outlet for ten years now, covering over 250 companies world wide, often delving into coverage of movies, video games, comics and more on the topics our readers buzz about. Visit for more info!