Batman: The Complete Animated Series

Batman: The Animated Series was, in a word, awesome. It perfectly captured the mood of Batman without being too kiddy and proving that cartoons could provide mature and somewhat dark and moody themes. So imagine my excitement when each season of the series was released on DVDs. Of course this was great news because I could own and rewatch a great show from my childhood. And now I find out that there's going to be an even more epic release later in the year. World's Finest has news that Batman: The Complete Animated Series will be released later this year on November 4. The 17 (!) disc set will feature all 109 episodes in addition to a Special Feature created just for this collection. Also included will be a 40-page Collector's Book with production artwork. The set will retail right around $107.92, which is a little steep, but slightly less than buying each season individually. Batman: The Complete Animated Series