Batman: Gotham Knight hits stores today!

I love the fact that Batman is having an epic resurgence. He's always been an awesome character, but it seems like everything is coming up Batman, with The Dark Knight releasing in a little over a week. Today sees the release of an animated film that features six different interlocking Batman movies called Batman: Gotham Knight. The six chapters include:
  • Have I Got a Story for You - Written by Josh Olson (A History of Violence), this chapter details the different impressions that a group of kids get when meeting Batman
  • Crossfire - Written by Greg Rucka this story chronicles the efforts of the Gotham City PD coming to terms with Batman helping them
  • Field Test - Take a tour of Batman's gadgets as Jordan Goldberg shows what Batman will and won't do in his pursuit of justice
  • In Darkness Dwells - Batman must face Croc and Scarecrow in this David S. Goyer (Batman Begins) story
  • Working Through Pain - Brian Azzarello details Bruce Wayne's meeting with Cassandra, who teaches him techniques that will help in his fight against crime
  • Deadshot - Alan Burnett ties together all six chapters in a story that pits Batman against an assassin who will go further than Batman can imagine in completing his assignment
And what has to be the best part about the movie is that Kevin Conroy will be reprising his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Batman: The Animated Series was an awesome show, and part of that is because of Conroy's ability to portray Batman/Bruce Wayne extremely well. Check out the trailer below, and get out to a store soon and pick up the DVD (or Blu-ray if you're so inclined). Batman: Gotham Knight website Batman Gotham Knight - Official Trailer