The Dark Knight continues its box office rampage

Not quite surprising, but The Dark Knight continues to make money. Lots of money. Second weekend totals are coming in at $76 million according to Reuters, which brings its 10 day total to $314 million. This is seemingly ludicrous, so let's put it in perspective. The previous record for fastest to $300 million was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in 2006, which took 16 days to reach the mark. Shrek 2 hit $400 million in 43 days, and at the current pace, The Dark Knight will break that in 18 days. Titanic (ugh) is the all-time leader in terms of ticket sales at $601 million, so its still far off from reaching that goal. And honestly, I don't think it will beat that since its such a tough mark and The Dark Knight isn't quite the universal film that Titanic was. But still. Iron Man has hauled in $315 million, but has also been out since May and is currently the biggest film of the year. The Dark Knight will probably pass that in a few days, and move up from its 23rd ranking in terms of best all time. The Dark Knight trouncing competition