The dark weekend haul

How many times do you plan on seeing The Dark Knight this weekend? Once? Twice? Ten times even? Well, the more you see it the more you'll contribute to the box office take, and hopefully that take will be more than Warner Brothers are banking on. Deadline Hollywood reports that the big WB expects the film to do only (*only*) $90 to $100 million, meaning the film will debut with less than Iron Man did. Now I thought Iron Man was a great film, however it has nowhere near the hype that The Dark Knight has. The top two opening weekends of all time are Spider-Man 3 at $151 million and Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest at $131 million, and frankly I could see The Dark Knight beating at least Pirates. Now, the movie does clock in at 2 hours and 32 minutes, and there is the fact that this is Heath Ledger's last film. And WB is insistent in believing that the film's opening in July means more competition and not nearly as large an opening as other films. But come on WB. You're just being modest. My guess? $140 million AT LEAST. Will it top Spider-Man 3? I think its completely possible, and it'll be close. The Dark Knight box office predictions