DC Universe Online MySpace

While Marvel is doing everything in their power to get their movies in a self-contained universe, DC is working on getting their video games as widespread as possible. In addition to MK vs. DC Universe, DC (with Sonys help) is working on a MMO called DC Universe Online where you can't play the marquis characters, but you can play alongside them. In an effort to get the word out about the game, DC and Sony have turned to the Web 2.0 in MySpace, as there is an entire page dedicated to the game. The page has everything from concept art to making of videos to the chance to meet and hang out with the "site" at Comic Con at the end of the month. There's also wallpaper and icon downloads in addition to some screenshots from the game, more of which you can expect to trickle out over the coming months on the site (in addition to what I'm sure will be a wealth of information at Comic Con). DC Universe Online MySpace