DC Universe Online pics

I'm not so keen on the whole MK vs. DC Universe game due out later this year, but DC Universe Online is something I can get behind. In case you're unaware, DC Universe Online is basically a MMO based in the DC Universe, with the catch being you can't play as a marquis character, but you can fight with them or against them. That is an easy solution to the "everyone wants to be problem, while still maintaining the feel of the DC Universe. So regardless of whether or not you're intrigued by the game or not, at the very least admire the pretty screenshots that Quicksave has up on their website. There are a few landscape shots in addition to some character shots featuring Batman, Superman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Robin, Green Lantern and Bane. Even if the game is awful (which I doubt) at the very least it will look pretty nice. DC Universe Online images