Gameplayer interview Ed Boon

Is MK vs. DC Universe going to be any good? I honestly don't think so, and believe that it is one of the worst uses of an intellectual property I've seen in a while. But I don't work for DC, so they're not going to listen to me, meaning the game is being made regardless. Cue Ed Boon from Midway, trying to convince us that the the game won't suck. When asked about finishing moves, Boon said that only MK characters and supervillains will have them (superheroes will have brutalities). "The infamous finishing moves will be performed by all Mortal Kombatants and DC Comics villains, but not by any of DC's untarnished heroes. You know, the ones’who don't kill that often.’ Instead, nicer folks like The Flash will have ‘brutalities,’ moves which inflict pain upon the recipients without totally murdering them." So there you go. The interview has some details about the gameplay in general and how the idea came about in the first place, so its worth a read if you're anticipating the game. And pictured above is an unconfirmed shot of Catwoman in the game provided by Total Mortal Kombat. Ed Boon talks MK vs. DC Universe